*When I decided that I wanted to become a comedian I started a blog to organize my ideas. This is a post from 8/11/2013. Enjoy :)*

As much as I hate to admit that, it is true. Here is the story…

My friend Jessica told me that her lab was having puppies, and I had been thinking about getting a dog. I have always loved Golden Retrievers, and I knew that labs were supposed to be very similar in temperament. She told me that her dog got pregnant at the dog park, so she wasn’t sure what it was going to be mixed with. I didn’t care what it was mixed with. I knew that I wanted a dog, and she was offering me a dog for free, that was pretty similar to the breed that I wanted.

So a little while later I got a black labrador puppy, and I named her Flea. Flea is an amazing dog. I take her all over the place with me, and her personality fits mine perfectly. Everything was going great. Then about a year after I got Flea my friend Antonio came over to my house. Antonio happens to be a black man. Flea usually gets excited when people come to the house, but when Antonio came in she started growling, and barking like crazy. I didn’t understand this at all…especially since she is a black lab.

I guess she is a self hating black lab.

This really bothered me. I didn’t know where I went wrong as an owner.

I was at my friend Jessica’s house one day, and one of her dogs came into the room. I started playing with the dog , and then I started to wonder where Flea’s mother was. I had never met her before. So I asked Jessica where she was, and she said, “you are playing with her right now.”

The dog I was playing with was a yellow lab.

I didn’t even know that could happen.

Then it all hit me. Flea’s mom is a yellow lab…Flea is a black lab…Flea never knew who her father was…

That is why she is racist.