When I was in college I learned about a thing called systems theory in my communications class that has had a profound impact on my life. I have always tried to be a good person and treat other people with respect and kindness, but systems theory put into terms a very valid reason everyone should treat each other with love and respect.

So I will tell you guys what systems theory is and I will also tell you guys about SPREAD THE LOVE which is something I came up with to try to make the world a better place.

At it’s origins, Systems Theory was proposed by biologist Ludwig Von Bertalanffy. Until 1928, the scientific method had suggested that any system could be broken down into components, and each piece could be analyzed individually in a vacuum. The individual parts could then be placed in order to create whatever system one was studying. Von Bertalanffy claimed that this approach was wrong, His theory was that components derive their meaning from their place in the system, simply put — definition by context. Because they were defined by their meaning to their relation to the rest of the system, they could not be studied in isolation. In everyday activity, this theory applies to how humans interact.

Eg: A man in a bad mood walks into a convenience store. He grabs a few items and goes to pay for them. The cashier makes a minor mistake and gives the guy the wrong change, Because he is already in a bad mood, the man yells at the cashier for messing up the transaction and demands to speak with the manager. Now this interaction has put the cashier and the manager in a bad mood, and for the rest of the day they take it out on everybody else.

People are individual parts of our system, and you can see how their behavior is influenced by other people within the system. I use this theory to guide my life because all energy radiates. So I try to only spread positive energy. If I treat other people with love and respect, they will feel the positive energy and spread it.

One of the many reasons why I love comedy is because I think that disseminating laughter to crowds of people is one of the best ways to spread that positivity, and hopefully; it has a lasting effect on the people who hear it and the people that they will encounter.

Recently I’ve been thinking about how to spread more positivity throughout the world, and because I spend a crazy amount of time on social media, I’ve seen how powerful a tool that it can be to affect change. I thought I’d try incorporate social media with systems theory to see what I can come up with, so I came up with SPREAD THE LOVE.

I make dollar bills into origami hearts and leave them everywhere for people to find. While I’m on the road doing comedy, I’ll leave them in magazines, place them on counters, tip my servers with them etc. Inside each bill, I place a little note that says SPREAD THE LOVE and then put my website on the back of them. People find this page and hopefully get inspired to SPREAD THE LOVE.

So if you found one of my hearts you’re in the right place. And because I gave you a dollar, I encourage you to donate that dollar, or more, to a charity. I value education, so I picked Teach For America, but you should choose whichever charity you support. I also encourage you to make dollar-bill hearts yourself and thereby SPREAD THE LOVE.