…and men could care less because we realize not everything is about us.

Just because an inequality between men and women exists doesn’t mean it was caused by sexism, and people need to stop making that assumption. Sometimes inequalities exist just because that’s the way things are, and the way things should be. Men and women are different. That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t treat each other with the same respect, or that gender roles are set in stone, but let’s stop acting like everything is supposed to be equal. Trying to force equality because of one specific thing like gender ignores every other factor that should be taken into consideration.

I recently read an article titled “Adult Swim’s excuse for not hiring women is a perfect example of TV’s problem” The article’s writer took a statistical inequality between men and women and decided that the only possible reasoning for it was sexism. Specifically, the article was about an inequality between the number of female writers and male writers at Adult Swim and blamed it on sexist hiring policies. She completely ignored the fact that Adult Swim caters mainly to the male demographic; therefore more male writers are going to apply for that job. How many men do you think tried to audition for a spot on The View?…probably none . . . but if any did would you be outraged that they didn’t get the job?…I wouldn’t. The View caters to a mainly female demographic, and it doesn’t make any sense to try and force a male host onto the show in the name of equality.

If there was some actual proof of one male executive at Adult Swim refusing to hire a woman solely because she was a woman, then I could understand. There isn’t. You can’t prove sexism without evidence. Some male writers may have been chosen over female writers, but if that happened it was probably just because they were more qualified for the job. In this day and age, I think people are more concerned with success and money than they are with oppressing certain groups of people regardless of the value they bring to the table. We are less sexist now than we have ever been. Almost every human is more concerned with their own well-being than they are with anything else. It just doesn’t pay to be sexist, and there are stats to prove that, so why be sexist?

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