I was cleaning out my room today because I’m trying to get rid of all the things I don’t use anymore. I’m a minimalist. So I don’t keep things around that don’t have utility to me and that I don’t use constantly. I haven’t been accumulating too many new items, but it’s hard for me to get rid of old things that might have some value to other people even if they aren’t valuable to me. I even try to give my stuff away to my friends when they come over, but that’s taking too long… and I just can’t bring myself to waste anything. Anyways, I found this box full of old school stuff that had some pretty funny stuff in it. I don’t want to keep the physical items but they are kind of neat to look at every once in a while. So I’m gonna post some of the things I found in the box on here for Throwback Thursdays. Then I can throw it all out. I don’t know how much other people will enjoy these posts. They’re more for me, but leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

This Thursday the funny throwback from the box is my DARE Certificate of Achievement. I’m pretty proud of this piece of paper. When I showed it to my dad he said…”A lot of good that did…more like a how-to course.”


A box full of papers, drawings, and projects I made in school growing up.


I will cherish this forever…not the actual certificate (I’m gonna throw that away) Just this picture of it.

I was just gonna throw this box away, but luckily my friends Robert and Justin saw it and started looking through it. Pretty soon they were both crackin’ up. So I took a better look and realized there were some gems worth saving. Nostalgia can hit me hard sometimes and I love it. Here’s a video of us kickin’ it at my house after some disc golf. We’re just going through the box while watching some Kyle Kinane.